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Page history last edited by Wesley Fryer 12 years, 2 months ago


Episode05: April 16, 2008 - Digital Citizenship and an Interview with Christine of PBwiki


Audio Podcast:

Direct mp3 link

Link to this episode on our Blogger website

A link to this episode is available on "Moving at the Speed of Creativity" (with an embedded flash player)


Show Outline:

Intro - Wesley

Geeks of the Week

Guest - Kristine Molnar, Community Evangelist, PBwiki

Discussion of digital citizenship, protecting kids online, safe online collaboration


Show Links:

  1. PollEverywhere
  2. Diigo
  3. 50 Web 2.0 Ways to Tell a Story
  4. LeFora Forums
  5. PBwiki
  6. PBwiki for Educators
  7. Free webinar 22 April 2008: Keeping Students Safe Online (from PBwiki)
  8. "You don't know what you like, you like what you know" - Dr. Tim Tyson’s Keynote: Moving from Personal Knowledge to Global Contribution (from Bob Sprankle at Bit by Bit - also check out Dr. Tyson's blog)
  9. MogoPop
  10. 123VC: The JAZZING Up Your Curriculum with Videoconferencing
  11. WikiTextBook: An online textbook for Educators Learning about Technology
  12. Follow us on Twitter: Kristine from PBwiki, Karen Montgomery, Vicki Allen, Wesley Fryer



Interesting talking points:


Filtering systmens don't work to the student's benefit (after a certain age).  How can we keep our students safe and encourage safe online behavior?


My suggestions / wiki pages:




"Students’ frustration with school filters and firewalls has grown since 2003, with 45% of middle and high school students saying now that these tools meant to protect them inhibit their learning. And since 2004 we have heard repeatedly and more strongly each year, students’ discontent with school rules that limit their access to technology at school and rules that prohibit them from using at school the very technology tools and devices that they use constantly outside of school (cell phones, email, IM, Text messaging) in all aspects of their lives...


While 53% of middle and high school students are excited about using mobile devices within learning, only 15% of school leaders support that idea. Less than half as many parents as students see a place for online learning in the 21st century school. And even fewer teacher, parents and school leaders want students to have access to emails and IM accounts from school."



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