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Episode 07: July 1, 2008 - Cell Phones for Learning: iPhones in the Classroom  (Part 2)


This session is scheduled to be held as a live webcast/podcast at NECC 2008 in the Emerging Technologies Lounge on July 1, 2008, from 7:30 - 8:30 am. Bandwidth permitting, we'll webcast live on Ustream. (Bandwidth was adequate, but we had some hardware problems which prevented us to Ustream. Thank goodness for mobile digital audio recorders!)


Audio Podcast:



Show Outline:



Geeks of the Week

Discussion of Poll Everywhere, iPhones in the classroom, specifically focusing on webapps


Show Notes:

  1. Poll Everywhere: Easy Audience Polling (via cell phone text messaging / SMS)
  2. Poll Everywhere Mobile
  3. HomeWork Web App
  4. JustUpdate Web App
  5. Phishing (WikiPedia)
  6. AntiPhishing Working Group
  7. iWeather Web App
  8. Google Reader for the iPhone version 2
  9. LatLong iPhone for GeoCaching
  10. iGeoCacher Web App
  11. Podcaster 2.0 Web App
  12. Posterous (the place to post everything)
  13. Mobile pics posted from the top of Eagle’s Peak (Colorado) by Wesley in 2005
  14. iPhone Web Apps
  15. Podcast248: Technology Shopping Cart Podcast06 - Cell Phones and Mobile Devices for Learning (Part 1 of 3)
  16. Homepage of Brad Gessler (co-founder of Poll Everywhere)
  17. Informatics (WikiPedia)
  18. Gomeric Hill: Blog of Karen Montgomery
  19. Thinking Machine: Presentation and Workshop Curriculum of Karen Montgomery
  20. Follow Karen Montgomery on Twitter
  21. Follow Wesley Fryer on Twitter
  22. Top 25 Web Apps for iPhone (Rev2)
  23. Top 10 iPhone Web-Apps (IntoMobile)
  24. Wesley's iPhone webapp links on del.icio.us
  25. Karen's iPhone links on del.icio.us

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