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Page history last edited by Wesley Fryer 11 years, 11 months ago

Episode 8: Screencasting for Learning (8 August 2008)


This was our first "live" Tech Shopping Cart podcast!



A mp3 archive of this show is available (linked from Moving at the Speed of Creativity)


Our Ustream text chat for this episode is available, which includes referenced links.

This 69 minute, 18 second episode is availabe on Ustream.


YouTube plugin error




Screensnap options

Screen recording options



  1. Jing (free, Windows and Macintosh screencapture and screenrecording)
  2. QlipMedia (screeencapture for Windows similar to Skitch)
  3. Skitch (screencapture for Macintosh, posts directly to the web including Flickr)
  4. Built-in screencapture keyboard shortcuts for Macintosh users
  5. Camtasia Studio (commercial screencasting)
  6. Tutorials from Atomic Learning (some are free, subscription based for most of them)
  7. Lynda.com (commercial subscription, screencast tutorials on virtually any program)
  8. Creative Cow Tutorials (free)
  9. String and Me (A 10 year old’s video tutorials about creating string figures)
  10. Blip.tv (video publishing platform supporting Creative Commons licensing)
  11. Creative Commons Media Search
  12. FastStone Screen Capture (screencasting tool for Windows only)
  13. iShowU (screencasting tool for Macintosh only)
  14. The K-12 Online Conference (many presentations from 2006 and 2007 use screencasts)
  15. Screencast-o-matic (does not require a software install)
  16. AutoscreenRecorder Pro (commercial screencasting for Windows)
  17. iSquint (free video compressor and converter for Macintosh)
  18. HyperCam for Windows
  19. Screenflow (commercial screencasting tool for Macintosh, favorite of Tony Vincent as well as Wesley Fryer)
  20. Jodix Converter (free video compressor and converter for Windows)
  21. Videora (Windows-based video compressor and converter)
  22. Yuuguu (web conferencing solution)
  23. ScreenFlox example (Arizona K12 Center, by Tony Vincent)
  24. Witness.org (website which transcodes submitted video to Flash)
  25. Video4iPod - Online video format converter
  26. Our City Podcasting Project facilitated by Tony Vincent
  27. StoryChasers Project
  28. Delicious.com has been updated!
  29. MemoryArchive (wiki and text based story sharing)
  30. Fizzlebot (free games with the magic pen)
  31. Piclens (free media browser plugin for Firefox)
  32. Ustream archive of this webcast (Unfortunately I am the only person visible, however, since everyone else joined via Skype audio)
  33. Our Ustream text chat for this episode is available, which includes referenced links.
  34. Using a Mac, how to webconference using Ustream and skype (thanks Ryan Gordon)
  35. Gomeric Hill: Blog of Karen Montgomery
  36. Thinking Machine: Presentation and Workshop Curriculum of Karen Montgomery
  37. Tony Vincent’s Learninginhand.com
  38. Follow Karen Montgomery on Twitter
  39. Follow Wesley Fryer on Twitter

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