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Podcast Resources


These are resources we use for our podcast.


Intro text:

It's DAY OF THE WEEK, MONTH DAY, YEAR, you're listening to the Technology Shopping Cart Podcast with Vicki Allen from Allen, Texas, Karen Montgomery from St Louis, Missouri, and Wesley Fryer from Edmond, Oklahoma.


Outro text:

Technology Shopping Cart podcasts are independently produced by Vicki Allen, Karen Montgomery, and Wesley Fryer, and licensed under a creative commons attribution-only 2.5 license. The opinions and views expressed in this podcast are our own and not necessarily those of our employers. Leave feedback and learn more about Technology Shopping Cart Podcasts on our wiki, at techshoppingcart.pbwiki.com.


Media Files:


Steps for Producing:

  1. Move the recorded mp3 audio file of the skypecast into a new folder/directory on your computer.
  2. Import the recorded skypecast into Audacity, GarageBand or Session software.
  3. Split the skypecast between the intro and the start of the show.
  4. Import and insert the intro.mp3 audio file in between those clips.
  5. Trip the intro.mp3 audio file and adjust volume to duck under the show audio.
  6. Trim the show as needed (starting and ending points)
  7. Optional: Add remaining part of intro music at the end of the show.
  8. Import the outro.mp3 file and put it at the end of the show.
  9. Export the finished podcast as a 32 kbps mp3 audio file.
  10. Open the MP3 file in iTunes, add ID3 tags and podcast show art.
  11. Upload the final file (named "techshoppingcart-episodeXX.mp3" where "XX" is the episode number to a server.
  12. Copy the post text from our last episode on our Blogger site.
  13. Create a new post on our Blogger site.
  14. Paste old post text, change the intro text, the show mp3 link, and the shownotes.
  15. Publish that post on Blogger.
  16. Link the post on our wiki.
  17. Ping Feedburner to update our feed, using the public address of our Blogger site.

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